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Listening to Music

Holistic Coaching with trance, techno & sound therapy

Transform Your Mindset
Release Pain
Awaken Your Spirit
Neutralise Anxiety & Stress
Control Your Reactive Thoughts
Express what feels true for you

"Repetitive sounds in trance & techno music create uniform signals in your brain which then create calmness & it is only in calmness that one can handle and manage"
Kerri Kikki


I did a session with Kerri where we listened & meditated to a track & I wrote down what I felt, remembered & thought. The emotion of this experience that arose from the frequencies of the tune was next level! So much emotion lifted, with certain thoughts & triggers from the music. Kerri has not only helped me on my spiritual path but has also introduced me to music which helps my soul feel happy & content. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to this beautiful soul for help, advice & coaching in your life that needs some extra love. 

Leonarda Sciuto


Music connects you back to your most natural state of being, spirit, where you remember the truth of who you are and act from that natural state rather than react from the ego state of mind

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