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My story and purpose for you

I understand that it's really hard to cope with stress, and anxiety at times & find that love within yourself. I help individuals transform their mindset and develop a loving connection with themselves so that the people and circumstances around them reflect that love back to them. If you are a trance or techno lover or professional, I will use the music in your sessions as a therapy and diagnosis tool. 

My trance music journey started at the age of 12 when I would listen to the multiple layers in a track to escape unhappy situations. Little did I know back then that I was meditating to keep myself calm. At the age of 23, I became a trance music stage dancer for 15 yrs and whilst this was my love and life, I was still escaping from myself & feeling my emotions.

I decided to start therapy after I suffered anxiety, depression and insomnia for years and through that therapy, I learnt to connect to the love within myself through my spirit & use the music to my advantage, I was no longer escaping. 




What can I say about Kerri, she is definitely on top of her game, danced in a few events where I performed and I was really astonished by her performance, her professionalism is on a different level and the most thing I admired was her love for the music, it doesn't feel as a job for her, it's more about enjoying the music and she does reflect this positive energy to everyone in the venue.



Kerri's first ever show was during my set at GAS Nightclub Sydney, well over 10 years ago. I then saw her perform at various events I played at. She was awesome, so much energy on stage!



Kerri brought a different energy to the stage, an energy of pure love for the music. She was always professional.


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