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Online Services

I support the importance of a genuine connection between a client and a therapist so I offer a free 10 min consult prior to a booking. 


Trance & Techno Therapy

Through meditating on the different layers of trance or techno music, you will allow whatever is going on in your life consciously or subconsciously to surface. This works by the repetitive sounds placing you into a meditative state and enhancing emotions. You will be given take home tools required to help you and you will learn to witness your emotions and reactions rather than being engaged with them.


Tranceformation is a 6-week holistic coaching program that helps you STOP escaping to trance music by suppressing your emotions and START using the music to create calmness, awareness & alignment of your mind, body and spirit before assessing and taking action to handle your emotions and situations in life. 


A complete diagnosis on your current overall status, releasing blockages and re-balancing your chakras and whole being through sound instruments so that you can be aware of the challenges in your life and better manage them. 

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